How to Set Up Your HomePod?

HomePod of Apple is upon us, and most of the people will be busy wondering how to set up their new smart speaker. The process actually is very simple, but some requirements are there that you need to be aware of. If you are thinking of adding HomePod to your HomeKit setup, there are so many things that need to be known about the process of set up as well.

What is required to set up HomePod?

Along with the HomePod, you will require an iPad and iPhone running iOS. Also, make sure that both the iCloud Keychain and the two-factor authentication are enabled on the iCloud account. 

The process of setting up HomePod

Setting up HomePod is similar to setting up a new TV of Apple or pair of AirPOds. You will require your iOS device to be in close proximity.

  1. Just hold your iPad or iPhone close to the HomePod.
  2. Click Set Up.
  3. Select HomeKit Room you are willing to use for the HomePod.
  4. Choose whether you want to enable Personal Requests or not.
  5. Allow Siri to read your messages and have access to your reminders and the notes whenever your iOS device is on the network.
  6. Choose to Agree to agree with the terms and conditions.
  7. Hit on the Transfer Settings to use your iCloud account and Wi-FI.
  8. Enter your Apple credentials, if prompted.
  9. Follow with Siri to get started and play your first song.

How to set up stereo pairing with Multiple speakers of HomePod?

If you have more than one Homepod, create stereo pair out two of them. Now complete with the left/right passthrough.

How to set up multi-room audio with multiple speakers of HomePod?

If you are blessed with more than one HomePod, you are able to fill your whole house with sweet sounds of your favorite band. You can take the help of multi-room audio using AirPlay2.

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